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Latest news regarding covid-19.


From 24 June, it is possible for other countries within the EU-/EEA to enter Norway if they have an EU corona certificate that can be verified with a QR code and show that they have been fully vaccinated or have undergone covid-19 in the last six month.

You will not need a PCR test or quarantine if you can show an approved covid certificate.

OBS: if you are travelling via FINLAND please read the Finland's travelling rules on this link:  Finland's travelling rules

You must register your entry on this link which is available in different languages:


We ask our guests themselves to carefully check the applicable rules before departure.

We take no responsibility for any misinterpretations.

As Norway is now opening its borders, there may be long queues at the border, take this into account if you book flights or other means of transport with a view to transfer.



As we understand it, it is from now on possible to travel in from Sweden and Denmark to Norway if you are fully vaccinated, if you can prove this with the new covid certificate (with QR-code)

Sweden is unfortunately not ready with its version of the certificate, this is expected to be ready around 1 July. This means that right now only Danes can travel to Norway until 1 July.


We open for tourist fishing on July 3 and we kindly ask our guests to respect hygienic rules that apply at the fishing camp, always spray their hands, use a face mask when contacting us or other local people and keep a distance of 1 meter. 

We also wish only 1 person in the group to come to sign a boat contract and only the captain to check the boat at the takeover. This is because we are not yet vaccinated, as fully vaccinated can still carry the virus.

You will get more details when you arrive to Myrfjord Sjöhus...

New entry rules....

From Thursday, June 24, people residing in EEA with a COVID-19 certificate that can be verified with a QR code will be able to enter Norway without having to quarantine. 

Update yourself...

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If you are traveling via Finland, update yourself at this link:


Register your entry on this link





Do you have other questions, please contact us here

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We really hope we can see you this year, it has been very quiet in Myrfjord Sjøhus during the pandemic.

Even the fox misses you! 

Greetings Jan-Eric & Claudine

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