All boats are equipped with 2 satellite

tracking devices for your safety.

We use "smarttracker" and "Gofish" satellite tracking equipment. If 1 system is down then it is very safe to have an extra system

In Myrfjord we have 7 boats for rent and 1 reserve boat. 

We have 3 plastic boats "Dolmøy" with 90 hp Suzuki and 4 "Havøy 740" with 150 hp Suzuki which is our own brand

The reservboat  has a 100 hp selvamotor

It is very important that you let the engine warm before you are given gas. 


Start the boat engine 10 minutes before you drive out and drive with reduced gas on the way out from Myrfjord. This is very important!

If you do not respect this, we will take the Boats keys from you ... It costs us a lot of money to repair the engine.

Never stop the engine while fishing, this is specially important in bad weather. If you do not get started, this can lead to very dangerous situations at sea, respect this!

Never connect electric fishing reels to the starter battery, it will quickly drain the battery for power
Use your own batteries for this. We have some batteries that we give if needed.

Always look ahead when you drive! Look out for fishing nets and garbage floating around.

Always secure the boat with four ropes...It can be great weather when you come ... but it can blow up strong winds during the night ..You pay for the damage!

General information

You fill petrol in Havøysund, about 8 minutes by car from Myrfjord. Use our gasoline tanks and fill the gasoline with our petrol pump that hangs on the wall outside the cleaning house.

Hang it back after use.

Hang up your fish clothes in the drying room, It is forbidden to dry the clothes in the apartments. It smell like hells! 

Keep in mind that there are other guests who want to sleep! Try not to bring to much noise so all guests get to sleep well!

Respect other guests ..

Don't forget to register when you go fishing, it is very important information in case of an emergency. You can also use your mobile phone out on the sea and register this if you forgot. Go to and enter your phone number

Webcams in Myrfjord

In myrfjord we have 7 cameras, you can see them yourself on our website

We live 7 kilometers from Myrfjord and we use the cameras to see our boats if it is bad weather and see if we have new guests!

Hard to read ... but it's a fact that many fishing tourists die every year. Make sure you don't!

So far in 2019  27 people have died on the sea in Norway. (Updated 1 Juli 2019)

Last accident killed the two Russian fishing tourists who are not listening to the experience of the lessor...So listen to Jan-Eric!

If this sign appears on the weather report, it is strictly forbidden to use our boats.

What type of Person are you?

After 11 years in the business, we have learned to know our guests very well, who are you?

The happy and positive person who always has a smile on their lips, and really love nature and fishing.

Respects all other guests

The angry person who complains about absolutely everything!

The super professional who absolutely does not want advice and know everything!... "You can't teach me anything...I've been fishing in Norway for many years..."

The stressed type that comes early in the morning and requires the boat and the apartments to be ready for just him...without respecting our check-in times and other guests.

The person who never smiles during the week, everything is wrong, no fish, the boat is bad, the weather is crap and so on ...

The person who never fishes, drinks around the clock and is unpleasant with our other guests

The pigs who do not respect us and do not clean the apartment after the week. Usually leaves at night,and escape from the cleaning

These boats have not reported the catch!

Updated every night! Even zero catches should be reported! 


This is a requirement from the Norwegian authorities if you want to bring 20 fish files out of the country from an approved fishing camp

Pickture from our guests

Team finka pianister i Myrfjord juli 201
lorentz Byberg
andreas igen!
Andreas Hugsen
halibu hunters

Security check to day!

These boats have not done the security check today. Contact Jan-Eric if you have problems with this...

You can also use your mobile phone out on the sea and register this if you forgot. Go to and enter your phone number